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Welcome to the

International Wolfsberg Meeting on Molecular Radiation Biology/Oncology

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The next meeting in 2023 will take place on June 17- 19, 2023, in the Hurdalsjøen Hotel, Norway!

The conference consists of Keynote and Invited Lectures, proffered paper and intense poster sessions on the four scientific topics DNA Repair, Intra- and Inter-cellular Signaling, Microenvironment, and Novel Therapies and Biomarkers, each being discussed for half a day.

In a slightly modified way and with a new organization team, we now reinitiate this meeting series: The meeting location will be - for the first time - in the Hurdalsjøen Hotel, Norway, a similar setting as before in the Wolfsberg Castle, surrounded by nature. The new organizer team plans alternating meetings in Norway and Switzerland.

Looking forward to meeting and discussing Applied Radiobiology with you!

Prof. Ludwig Dubois

Dept. Precision Medicine

Maastricht University

Prof. Heidi Lyng

Dept. Radiation Biology

Oslo University Hospital

Prof. Martin Pruschy

Dept. Radiation Oncology

University Hospital Zurich

Dr. Randi Syljuåsen

Dept. Radiation Biology

Oslo University Hospital 

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